A Full-Service Vending Company serving Maryland, Northern Virginia and DC.

Maryland Vending offers several type of water coolers, from stand up to countertop water coolers that offer the latest and greatest in purified waters.

There are 2 basic types of water coolers:

  1. Bottles that are delivered, that you put on top of the cooler,
  2. Point of Use water coolers.  With these, we plumb in the water line to a filtration system at the cooler, and the water is purified before it goes into the cooler, that assures you a great tasting cup of purified water each and every time.

Both Hot and Cold taps are available on all these models.  Whether you want to quench that thirst with a super hot drink or cool off with a chilled drink we have you covered.

Maryland Vending Water Coolers help quench your thirst…literally.