A Full-Service Vending Company serving Maryland, Northern Virginia and DC.

Maryland Vending offers all kinds of Office Coffee Service.

CoffeeWe offer all the brand names in coffee: Starbucks, Folgers, Eight O’Clock, Sara Lee, and many other options.



The main types of coffee service that we offer are:

tassimoTassimo The latest intechnology is the Tassimo t-disc single cup brewer that offers awesome taste, and the ultimate in brewing convenience for large and small places of business. This method avoids burned or old leftover coffee.

singlepodGeneric single cup pod brewers These machines can also brew a single cup of coffee from various makers (i.e. Keurig) of coffee pods that produces a single cup of great tasting coffee. This also avoids burned or old coffee from brewing the entire pot.

thermalThermal Pots Thermal pots receive brewed coffee from a traditional coffee brewer that brews a pot at a time. However, with the thermal pot, the coffee dues not burn, and stays fresh and hot for hours. This is also a great option for very busy locations.

Traditional Glass Bowls Some customers still prefer the traditional glass bowls, and we still offer it.