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Vending Services in Anne Arundel County Answers: What is Modular Vending?

Vending machines are certainly nothing new.  In 215 B.C., Hero of Alexandria invented one to dispense holy water.  Since then, vending technology has come a long way. Now, with the invention of the Cube, we witness the first major advancement in vending machine design in the past 50 years. Maryland Vending provides vending services in Anne Arundel County and can keep you in the know about in new, modular vending.

Vending Services in Anne Arundel County Shares News on Modular Vending

Throughout the years, vending machines have been used to dispense many different products. In 1883 the first coin-operated vending machine dispensed stamps in London, England.  Many companies have found it profitable to place their products in scattered locations across the world.  However, the biggest problem remains the bulky size of the machines.

Modular vending design is easy to understand. Vending units are created by a single module, or several modules that can be put together to create a more complex structure.  For this reason, operators can configure units to fit a specific need or space limitation.  Manufactured by a California company called The Venders, the Cube is a revolutionary idea.

The Cube has a conveyor system that permits any number of individual units to be stacked horizontally or vertically around a central control box. A broad array of product shapes and sizes can be dispensed. In fact, it contains many advanced features, such as cashless payment options and vending drop sensors. Plus, since each Cube measures just 24″H x 24″ W x 24″ D, there are endless configurations that you can employ to carry a wide assortment of products.

The Cube has been compared to Lego building blocks, and for good reason. As you can see, it is the Cube’s versatility that will help make it the better choice over older, heavier vending machines.

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