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Vending Recommendations: 5 Healthy Drinks to Keep in Stock

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With more people starting to make conscious choices about their diet, we have seen a dramatic change in drink choices provided in vending in Washington DC and beyond. According to Beverage Marketing, bottled water (both sparkling and non-carbonated) is the most popular beverage, followed by coffee, soft drinks, energy drinks and beer. In fact, Americans purchase over 13 billion gallons of bottled water annually from grocery stores, convenient stores and vending machines.

5 Healthy Vending Machine Favorites

At Maryland Vending, we see the following beverages as frequently purchased drinks from vending in Washington DC:

  • Bottled water
  • Sparkling water
  • Zero calorie sports drinks
  • Vitamin-infused drinks
  • Unsweetened iced tea

When given an immediately accessible choice between drinking something that is good for them and sugary soft drinks, people opt for the healthy choice. However, employers and businesses providing vending machine services to employees and customers should have at least two choices of soft drinks (regular and diet) in their vending machines. People still like to have a cold soda from time to time!

Maryland Vending Ensures Guests and Employees are Happy with Vending Choices

In addition to plain and flavored bottled water, healthy juice drinks, energy drinks and soft drinks, we also offer coffee service. Choose from discs brewed per cup and single cup pods. Thermal pots, traditional coffee pots and other options are also available.

Popular vending selections also includes snacks such as Clif bars, Fig Newtons, Kashi bars and everybody’s favorites–Cheetos, Fritos, Doritos, Popcorners and Sunchips. Placing a beverage vending machine next to food vending machines is another great way to satisfy employee and customer cravings for drinks, snacks and real food.

Our sandwich and breakfast item offerings include delicious deli sandwiches, entrees, burgers, salads and healthy fruit cups. And nothing beats one of our vending machine beverages and a burrito, chimichanga, Hot Pocket or savory BBQ rib sandwich for lunch. Yes, we have all these great drink and food choices–and more!

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