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Vending in Washington DC: How Vending Machine Products Have Changed

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People across the country are making health-conscious changes to their daily routines. As a result, they are including healthier foods in their diets. Maryland Vending in Washington DC is following the trend by offering better choices like sandwiches, fruit and salads. Compare this to traditional vending machines that used to dispense only chips and candy.

Vending in Washington DC: How Vending Machine Products Have Changed

Since the country is experiencing an ongoing obesity epidemic, people are motivated to take a closer look at what they eat. No longer are people turning to sweet or salty snack foods when they get hungry and are instead considering much healthier alternatives.

Some government agencies are beginning to regulate what is available in vending machines. For example, there are areas in California where chips and soda have already been replaced by fruits, vegetables and nuts. The city council in Glendale, CA felt that making such a change would help to fight childhood obesity in their town.

Additionally, in Maryland, there was a suggestion that 75% of vending machine products offered on state property should meet state-specified healthy food standards. The goal is that by giving people access to healthier foods, making the choice to eat better foods will be easier.

Finally, as vending machines become better at keeping fruits and vegetables cold and fresh, we think that there will be more healthier options than ever. Vending in Washington DC will follow these trends, offering customers delicious, nutritious choices.


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