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Vending in Baltimore Offers Smarter Choices

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Everyone has stopped by a vending machine. Whether you are hungry at work or stuck in a hospital building and need a bite to eat, there are many situations where a quick snack is all you have access too. However, the choice you make may drastically change your daily caloric intake. It is not uncommon for one snack to have hundreds more calories than another. Though they all look innocuous sitting in the vending machine. Thus, it is smart to learn how to make healthier choices when you are standing in front of a vending machine.

Trick Your Sweet Tooth

When you are hungry and looking for a snack, something sweet is always going to appeal the most. Unfortunately, the sweets are what get you in the most trouble at the vending machine. For instance, the weight loss website Eat This, Not That suggests trading in the Butterfinger for Pretzel M&M’s. Not only do the M&M’s have 100 less calories, but they are eaten slowly which means you may not eat the entire bag in one sitting. Pro tip, this will save you money as well since you can eat the other half of the bag later instead of buying a new snack.

Get Your Salt Via Nuts

If you tend to need to satisfy a salty craving over a sweet tooth, reach for the nuts. Nuts have a reasonable amount of calories, but instead of eating empty calories you will be getting protein, fiber, and heart friendly fats. Snacks like chips and Corn Nuts simply cannot deliver the same benefits as peanuts, almonds, pistachios, or cashews.

Start With the Right Vending Options

If you are responsible for choosing a provider for vending in Baltimore, then it is time to take a look at Maryland Vending. The best way to give employees and patrons healthy options is by starting with the right vending service. Maryland Vending is proud to offer healthy choices in your vending machine and make sure that it is always properly stocked. Additionally, Maryland Vending can help with your coffee service and water cooler needs allowing us to be a one stop solution for vending needs at your office, school, or business. Contact us today.

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