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How Do Vending Machines Read Money?

Vending machines have been around since the 1800s. Initially, customers were required to have exact change to use vending machines. A lot has changed since then. Today’s vending machine technology is so advanced at reading and calculating money that customers receive change back in bills and coins. How do vending machines read money so accurately? Here’s a look at how modern technology is used to read money in today’s vending machines in Northern Virginia and beyond.

How Vending Machines Read Coin Money

When you insert a coin into the vending machine, its technology immediately works to read its various features.  The machine calculates diameter, weight, thickness, and even the number of ridges along the edge of the coin. The technology uses these measurements to determine if the coin is a penny, nickel, dime, quarter, half-dollar, or dollar coin.

Some vending machines also include technology that can determine the chemical composition of each coin inserted. This technology can not only decipher what type of coin you insert, but it can also detect counterfeit coins.

How Vending Machines Read Bills

The most modern vending machines use optical scanning technology to read paper money. This technology uses miniature cameras to take images of the money as soon as you insert it into the machine. Next, each image is scanned for visual markers for each denomination of money. This process is extremely accurate at identifying paper money and it reduces the number of times bills are rejected.

Additionally, modern vending machine technology is also very good at detecting counterfeit money. Some machines use a magnetic scanner to read the magnetic ink found in authentic bills. Other machines use an ultraviolet scanner to read the fluorescent ink on the paper currency.

The newest vending machines not only accept money, but they also accept credit card and debit card payments, as well as mobile app payments. At Maryland Vending, we offer a variety of vending machine options that are designed to minimize the risk of counterfeit money and improve speed and accuracy. For example, our Credit Card Smart Machines allow your customers to use the vending machines with cash or credit card for added convenience.

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