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History of Vending Machines

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Vending machines are commonplace these days, and it may feel like they’re modern technology. After all, they’re a form of automated retail, and you can find Baltimore vending services all around the city. But these machines date back much further than you think. Read on to discover the history of these useful machines.

Vending in Ancient Egypt

The first known vending machine dates all the way back to Egypt in the first century. Heron of Alexandria was an engineer in the Roman-controlled country who created a pitcher of holy water. It wasn’t just any pitcher though.

Heron’s pitcher dispensed a set amount of holy water when a coin was dropped in the top slot. It eliminated the priests’ need to guard the holy water and freed them to provide other services. This invention began the age of automation that would continue for millennia.

Vending Gum in Early NYC

Commercial vending machines came to the United States in 1888. They were installed on train platforms to sell Tutti-Fruiti gum to passengers. By 1907, the familiar round candy-coated gumball machines were introduced, and nearby Philadelphia was changing the game with an automated restaurant that remained open until 1962.

During this boom, vending machines spread across the country and everyone became familiar with them.

Vending machines soon got more popular throughout the 20th century, including a wider variety of items. There were soda machines, cigarette machines, and even specialty machines, which bring us to modern vending technology.

Baltimore Vending Services from Maryland Vending

Today’s vending machines are much more than the mechanical constructs used in old days. Modern vending machines can make a hot drink, dispense electronics, and even include touchscreens, temperature control, and more.

Coin-operated machines are still popular, although you can set them up to accept credit and debit cards too. They have smart technology that makes it easier to track outages and set replenishment schedules and more.

There are a lot of businesses these days that generate a profit and satisfy employees and customers using vending machines. Learn more about the best Baltimore vending services from Maryland Vending. Give us a call at 443-691-9001 or click here to contact us today.

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