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Healthy Vending Machines Snacks

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Throughout the day you get hungry between meals, especially if you attend school, work in an office, or are running errands. Sometimes, if you forgot to pack snacks, you opt for a vending machine. If you need healthy snacks from a Washington DC area or Baltimore vending service, Maryland Vending provides many options to choose from.

Keys to Choosing Healthy Snacks

You have to consider the entire nutritional value of the snack when you try to find one that meets your needs. Some people might be focused on limiting sugar, while others might be more focused on eliminating fat. Set your nutrition goals ahead of time so that you know what you want to include when you review your options.

Examples of Healthy Options

  • Baked! Lays Originals have 4 grams of fiber and only 3 grams of fat. With only 210 calories per snack bag, this is a good option for a crunchy, salty snack.
  • Planters Honey Roasted Peanuts are a high-protein, sweet option. You can eat 39 peanuts for a total of 6 grams of protein, 160 calories and 13 grams of fat.
  • Quaker Chewy Low-Fat Chocolate Chunk Granola Bar satisfies a sweet tooth for only 110 calories. It has 1 gram of fiber and 2 grams of fat.
  • Fig Newtons contain real fruit and have 0 grams of fat. At only 190 calories, this snack can help fight hunger because it includes 2 grams of fiber.
  • Planters Sunflower Kernels contain 14 grams of fat, but this is healthy fat. You can eat Ā¼ cup of kernels for only 160 calories. With 4 grams of fiber, this snack helps to keep you full.

Health and Wellness Program

Maryland Vending, a Baltimore vending service, offers a Health and Wellness Program that provides options that meet specific criteria, such as foods that are lower in sugar and fat. These are snacks that you can turn to when you need a quick pick-me-up. Having these choices in the vending machineĀ  encourages everyone to enjoy healthy snacks instead of eating options that are full of fat, laden with calories, and lacking nutritional value.

For the finest quality vending machines and great customer service in Baltimore, Washington, D.C., and the surrounding area, trust Maryland Vending. Contact us today to find out more about how we can serve you and your customers.

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