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What is the Best Time of the Day to Snack?

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Snacking can be a healthy part of a good diet. But, not all snacks are created equally. If you depend on candy bars or chips for your snacking, it can increase your caloric intake too much. Additionally, there are some times of the day that are better than others to snack and eating at those times will keep you feeling full and alert.

Best Times of the Day to Eat a Snack

If it has been longer than 4 hours since your last meal, it is a good time to have a healthy snack. Waiting too long between eating can cause your metabolism to slow down and your blood sugar to drop. Consequently, when you do eat, you’ll be so hungry that you may make poor choices. These choices can include unhealthy food or eating too much at snack time.

Next, it is always a good idea to have a snack after an intense workout. If you exercise longer than an hour, you need to replace your energy stores with some carbs and rebuild muscles with some protein. A handful of nuts or an energy bar are good options for a post-workout snack.

Finally, you may want to have a small bite to eat before bed. It is a myth that any food eaten before bed will cause weight gain. If you go to bed several hours after dinner, a healthy snack may actually help you sleep better. Again, be sure to only eat something healthy. This is not a good time for a big bowl of ice cream or a bag of cookies!

Vending in Northern Virginia Provides Healthy Options

Knowing when to snack is not enough, it is also important to know what to eat. After all, while high-fat, high-salt, and high-sugar foods might be appealing, they are not good from a nutritional perspective when consumed in excess. Instead, you should go for foods that are both delicious and nutritious. Some common examples include cereal, fruits, and nuts. By making the right choices, you are fueled up for your daily routine and will protect your health.

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