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How Flavor Trends Influence Snacking

You have likely noticed how powerful flavor trends can be. Flavor trends infiltrate into popular restaurants, cooking shows, and kitchens across the nation. Food in vending machines are not immune to changing tastes. If your business or organization is looking for quality food from vending services in Prince George’s County MD, the Baltimore or Washington DC area, please read on.

Constantly Changing Flavor Trends

According to Forbes, some of the trends you may have noticed popping up on your plate in 2018 included Middle Eastern flavors and health foods such as purple yams, black garlic, and algae. The 2019 flavor trends are expected to be more natural. Including an increase in botanical and smoky flavors. A focus on floral and botanical flavors elevates a dish or drink’s taste without increasing sugar content. The result is the perfect solution for people who are trying to reduce their sugar intake but don’t want to compromise on flavor.

When choosing food to fill your vending machines, it is important to keep these changing tastes in mind. You want to fill your machine with foods that will sell quickly and often. Flavor experts predict many people will be looking for items that are light, healthy, and flavorful such as strawberry yogurt. There is also a strong indication that kiwi will take the spotlight in 2019. Beverages with a kiwi pairing, such as kiwi lime and kiwi berry, are going to take center stage. While appealing to trends, you should keep in mind that it’s very important to provide a variety of items to suit many tastes.

Maryland Vending Emphasizes Customer Service

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