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The Ongoing Innovations of the Vending Machine

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We’ve previously discussed the history of the vending machine and its humble beginnings as a dispenser for holy water in the first century BC. Since then, of course, these machines have come a very long way. Just within the past few decades, vending as an industry has transformed so immensely that some within the business don’t even like to refer to their creations as ‘vending machines’ anymore.

Transcending Time, Country, and Culture

A “vending machine startup” called “Vengo” is one such innovator. This company places their self-named “retail experience” wherever they believe they will be able to grab the attention of passers-by, and that is their goal. The the vice president of business development within this company has expressed how difficult this task is, considering how focused on (or perhaps you could say ‘distracted by’) their phones most people are these days. Most do not freely glance around and therefore wouldn’t notice a vending machine.

To capture their attention, Vengo (and other companies) have to come up with some kind of incentive. They have to provide immediate gratification, which is truly the original purpose of vending machines. Just as McDonalds provided food in exchange for advertising, Vengo, for example, gives out free samples of certain products for similar social media promotion.

This is reflective of the fact that the minds behind vending machines have to adapt their strategy based on a changing population. There are over “6.9 million vending machines” in the U.S. alone, and most of them provide different offerings to the people who pass by. Since their creation, though their products may have changed, the general enjoyment of ordering from a robot, from a machine, has not changed at all.

Of course, the vending machines that offer exciting and unique buys like pizza or Snapchat glasses will always have a bit more cachet to them than the traditional chips or water bottles. Perhaps this is just another obvious sign; people like the unusual, the new, the exciting.

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