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Vending Machines That Give Back

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Vending machines are obviously thought of as a business first and foremost. However, some bright, young students have come up with an innovative way to use this technology in order to benefit those who need it the most. Introducing: a charitable vending machine, one that provides supplies to the homeless through the use of solar power.

Hygiene Vending Machines for the Homeless

“For every piece of machinery his students envision, teacher Clinton Brawley says there must be a real-world, community benefit.” That’s how Gulfport High School students developed a way to deliver materials, specifically hygiene products, to those in need. This combination of technology and community service allows the students to gain real-world experience in both STEAM subjects and in attacking practical problems head-on.

Once these students became aware of the number of homeless people just within their school district, they began to create the technology for these solar-powered vending machines. Also on the agenda is a plan to “add a shower that uses rainwater or reusable water called ‘gray water.'” If there is a way that they can use the resources at hand to better support these people, they seem unable to be stopped. The biggest benefit, and one that the Gulfport students centered their invention around, is that these machines are available 24/7. Those who need them may not have a predictable schedule and can therefore rely on these omnipresent devices day or night.

Since the program currently focuses on students who are homeless, the usage of the machines are regulated by use of tokens. These are given to district counselors who are able to distribute them to those in need so that they are given to as many people as possible.

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