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Maryland Vending offers modern vending technology

Maryland Vending WellnessVending machine technology has come a long way, and we believe in new, clean, better-looking machines that work consistently, and are convenient and hassle-free.

Maryland Vending’s bottle soda/juice/water machines are very attractive “high visibility vendor” machines with the big buttons that our clients tell us they love.

Maryland Vending now offers BevMax3 and BevMax 4, advanced machines that offer

  • Convenience and Performance
  • Energy Conservation
  • Speed and Enhanced Employee Productivity

During breaks and lunch hour –“peak consumption periods” BevMax is two to three times faster than other glassfront equipment = less time in the break room.

  • Specifications: Height: 72in. Depth: 32in. Width: 47in

Maryland Vending and are changing the way employees and customers feel about automatic retailing.

Maryland Vending is proud to now offer customers, The All-in-One Vending Solution of the Merchant Six Combo: One Machine. Boundless Combinations.

With more 50% more selections, new styling, and enlarged glass front window, Maryland Vending and Merchant Six delivers a wider variety of products in a fresh, new way that keeps you, your employees and customers satisfied.

  1. Vends everything from cold drinks, dairy products, fresh foods, snacks and more
  2. Various temperature ranges with adjustable settings including – ambient, refridgerated (33 – 38 degrees), non-perishable (33 – 45 degrees), and chilled (46 – 69 degrees)
  3. Operate with or without NAMA Health and Safety Control (Health and Safety lock-out only affects the controlled zone if activated).
  4. An optional adjustable divider creates zones within Merchant Combo to segregrate perishable food or beverage items from snack and candy.
  5. Always new selections to satisfy even the most picky appetite
  6. Ability to vend different size items with spiral coupling
  7. Reduces sold-out vending columns by adding more facings of the fastest selling products.
  8. Pays change in bills
  9. Energy Efficiency with Merchant Six and Maryland Vending
  • Merhant Six’s best-in-class energy efficiency together with standard LED lighting and over 75% of recyclable materials is the sustainable solution.
  • The Merchant Six Combo uses 45% less energy than Competitor A.
  • The Merchant Six Combo uses 60% less energy than Competitor B.
  • Specifications: Height – 72″ Depth – 37.8″ Width – 43″ 3.2kWh/day*


Many of our snack and bottle machines come with Sure-Vend Technology, which is a set of laser beams across the bottom of the machine above the receiving tray, that senses that the product has been received. Should the bag of chips, ex., become stuck in the spiral, the laser beams do not detect a successful vend. They then tell the control board of the machine to turn the spirals 3 more times. Should you still not receive your product, the machine will either tell you to make another selection or give you your money back! This cuts way down on problems and unhappy customers.

New equipment and payment system technology, greater reliability and performance and superior product variety make Merchant Six the complete vending solution for any location. Call Maryland Vending today, 443-691-9001.