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Vegan Vending Machines Begin to Appear

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It may just be a trend at the moment, but vegan vending machines are beginning to crop up in places that you might expect: namely, California. “A new company is looking to plant vegan vending machines in strategic locations across the US, and it’s got more than $2.2 million in seed money to get started.”

Are Vegan Vending Machines Just a Trend, or Here to Stay?

Veganism has seen a big rise in prevalence in the country today, though, obviously, more so in certain cities than others. Those in more liberal-minded states like New York and California are turning more and more to this ‘no animal products’ lifestyle, and it’s gradually being reflected in vending machines geared toward this group.

These machines, like some non-vegan counterparts, will have full meals inside of them. Dishes that contain items such as “zucchini noodle bowls” will be available for around eight dollars, providing vegan-compliant options for those who sometimes have to struggle to find choices that work for their diet or lifestyle. There are even rumors that the minds behind these new machines might make be able to work with insurance companies to help those who have trouble affording healthy food options.

Vegan vending machines might seem like a specialty now, but the choice to go vegan in general is rising in popularity. Similar decisions are being made in schools and businesses across the country as an effort alongside more general, healthy eating. The “American obesity epidemic is driving more consumers to consider plant-based protein over meat,” which is part of what it means to eat vegan.

Though they’re only in San Fransisco at the moment, we’re sure to see similar offerings across the U.S. before too long. If you’re looking to learn more about the kinds of vending machine offerings in your state or area, then get in touch with Maryland Vending and let us know what we can do to make your on-the-go meal experience even better, or what questions we can answer.


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