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Maryland Vending Machine Laws Keep Coming

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The fight for healthier Maryland vending machine options rages on. In Prince George’s County, for example, a new law has been passed to try and put healthier food and drink options in the hands of the people who would use these machines.

Healthy Requirements for Maryland Vending Machine Locations

The new law calls for “50 percent of healthy snacks to be carried in vending machines.” In addition, these snacks “must meet recommended nutritional guidelines for sugar, salt and fat, as well as other rules set by the American Heart Association.” This is a welcome change, considering that the country as a whole can be considered to be suffering from a health crisis, and younger people in particular need better ways to combat obesity, and old people, heart disease.

If you know anything about the state of health (or lack thereof) in our country, then you know that Maryland vending machine laws, and laws in other states, are necessary. Changing the contents of these machines is a small, but important step in helping everyone to eat and drink better while keeping unsavory options out of reach. Sometimes it can be too hard for people to avoid the temptation of snacks in vending machines, so the easiest solution is to fill them with products that are better for you.

These machines can be found in a variety of places, including college campuses, office buildings, and more. Another key location for vending machines is in schools, where children and younger people may be buying from them multiple times a week. For them, especially, changes have to be made so that they can grow up with much healthier options wherever they are.

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