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Grocery Vending Machines Undergoing Tests

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This is the kind of news that you might expect from a business giant like Walmart. The company is now testing giant “grocery vending machines,” though the term giant here is key, given that they are much, much larger than a traditional machine…

Walmart’s Grocery Vending Machines Impress

“You don’t even have to step foot inside the store to get your groceries.” The so-called vending machine is so large that you can literally drive through it, pulling up to a kiosk the way you might a teller-less bank machine. You’ve already ordered your groceries at this point via your phone or other online connection, so all that’s left is to pull in, put in your order number, and receive the groceries.

“Once you’re notified that your order is complete, all you need to do is type in a code (provided at checkout) at the kiosk and your order will be ready in less than 60 seconds,” which is a speedy process! These grocery vending machines, of course, have freezer and refrigerator to keep all produce fresh and cold as needed.

While there is no associated fee reported yet, there is supposed to be a $30 minimum… though, for groceries, this seems reasonable. You also have the added convenience of being able to grab groceries whenever you want or need them, which is one of the benefits of vending machines of all kinds.

For the concept and convenience, this idea seems like it’s going to be a win. Walmart may be the first to test out this kind of thing, but it’s likely that we’ll see similar concepts in other big-name companies for groceries and other products. If you’re looking to learn more about the kinds of vending machine offerings in your state or area, then get in touch with Maryland Vending and let us know what we can do to make your on-the-go meal experience even better, or what questions we can answer.


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