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Coffee Service Offers Unique Coffee Flavors

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More than half of American adults enjoy at least one cup of coffee a day. But, do you know where that cup of hot, satisfying coffee comes from? At Maryland Vending, a coffee service in Maryland, we offer our customers the most delicious varieties of coffee on the market. Read on to learn more about the coffee we all love!

Two Main Types of Coffee Beans

The two main varieties of coffee species are Arabica and Robusta. Both types of plants produce dark green berries which turn yellow and then to red. Once the berry turns red, it is known as a “cherry” and can be picked. One berry has two coffee beans inside.

Coffee beans are roasted using horizontal rotating drums that are heated from below with gas or oil. After roasting, the beans are cooled to room temperature and sold for sale as whole beans or they are ground.


The Arabica coffee bean is the first type of coffee ever consumed and it’s grown in the southwestern highlands of Ethiopia. It has a sweet and mild taste and the caffeine content never exceeds 1.5 percent.

The Arabica plant starts out as a large bush with green oval leaves. After two to four years, it blooms small white flowers that produce the scent of jasmine flowers. It takes seven years to mature and grows best at higher altitudes.

Arabica coffee beans can be light, medium, or dark roasted. Light roast brings out the aromas of the bean but sometimes the flavors are not balanced. Medium roast balances out all of the flavors and produces a smooth texture. Dark roast provides a bold and rich flavor creating a truly exquisite experience.


Robusta coffee beans enjoy hot temperatures and thrive at a low altitude. Produced in Southeast Asia, Africa, and Latin America, it tastes of oak and has an aftertaste of peanuts. The coffee beans are circular rather than oval and it grows to 10 meters high. The Robusta variety is easier to grow and is pest-resistant since it’s toxic to them.

Maryland Vending: Top Coffee Service in Maryland

Supplying guests and employees with a coffee service creates a positive environment, decreases the time spent out of the office for coffee runs, makes employees feel appreciated, and gives them an antioxidant boost.

Ready to schedule your coffee service with Maryland Vending? We offer brands such as Starbucks, Folgers, and Maxwell House, and you can choose from Tassimo, thermal pots, or a single pod brewer. Contact us for more information!


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