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Coffee Service for Your Employees Equals Better Teamwork

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Employers are continually searching for ways to increase productivity among their workers. While some go to extremes, it is usually best to keep things simple. And what could be more simple than a good cup of coffee. Are you looking for a coffee service in Baltimore? Providing coffee is a fantastic way to raise the level of productivity without breaking the bank. While the effects of coffee have been researched for decades, the focus tended to be on individual use. Recently, University California, Davis has discovered the importance of coffee in the group dynamic.

Reap the Benefits at Work

While we all appreciate the caffeine boost from a good cup of coffee in the morning, there are even more benefits to be gained from having coffee with your team at work. In a study conducted by UC Davis on what effect caffeine has on us it was shown that, in moderate amounts, coffee can improve your teamwork and help you better collaborate with others. The caffeine, according to their findings, kept the group more focused and encouraged more individual participation in discussions among the team. Also, it was noted that employees judged their own work, and that of others in the group, in a more positive light when drinking coffee before a group effort. This was largely attributed to the increased alertness experienced when workers shared a cup of coffee together.

Coffee Service in Baltimore is a Great “Perk” for Everyone!

Besides the increased positivity and productivity coffee inspires, providing coffee service for your employees is a great perk for everyone who enters your office. You might be surprised at how such an inexpensive investment can make your workers feel more appreciated. A person who feels appreciated for the great work they are doing will tend to work even harder to see the business succeed. Plus, visitors to the office will be thankful for a nice cup of coffee before a meeting. Coffee service also conveys a message of your success, regardless of its low cost.

Let Maryland Vending Help You Improve Your Workplace

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