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Clothing Vending Machines Provide Convenient Options

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You may still just be purchasing food and drinks from vending machines, but time may change that fact as more and more offerings become available. For instance, big-name store Uniqlo is said to be planning on putting out clothing vending machines soon in order to boost their sales.

Uniqlo Introduces Clothing Vending Machines

“The hip Japanese clothing chain… is rolling out 10 vending machines in the next two months at airports and malls in several key U.S. cities.” Of course, they won’t be able to offer the same breadth of variety as their regular stores, but it will be a convenient way for people to grab a shirt, jacket, or other item. In case the fit isn’t quite right, customers will be able to return them as per usual by mailing them in or taking them to an actual store.

Why are clothing vending machines and other types with non-food options becoming more and more popular? For one thing, businesses can save money by simply operating a vending machine rather than supplying store chains. Also, a big theme of general culture in the U.S. right now is a desire for maximum convenience in all things. Vending is one of the best markets to deliver on this. The machines, filled with everything you could possibly imagine, are on campuses, in office buildings, on street corners, and much  more. Just about anything you could want, you can get without traveling too far and without the ‘constriction’ of store hours.

Uniqlo’s clothing vending machines might not last for a long time, but they are sure to pave the way for similar offerings going forward. It’s very likely that other apparel retailers will follow their lead in the near future.

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