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Car Vending Machine Company Going Strong

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We once reported on a car vending machine that, while unconventional and much larger in size than its fellows, allowed buyers to ‘walk’ away, so to speak, with a ride. Since that article, these locations have become more numerous.

The Unconventional Car Vending Machine

At these sites in Texas, customers have an atypical vending experience. “Vehicles go through a thorough 100-point inspection and get photographed before being listed.” That is, the cars featured in this Carvana car vending machine are, in fact, used. However, the inspection, which is clearly a thorough process, prevents just anyone from selling their used car to others.

There is something familiar about this machine, though, despite its size. It features “a large viewing window so you can see the merchandise, automated machinery to retrieve the goodies, even a coin slot to initiate it all.” The feeling is the same as with other vending machines as is the aesthetic, but the result is something very different.

Something of note is that people can’t come to the site and browse the selection. The cars on location are for those who previously made an online purchase and are opting for pick-up rather than delivery. In this way, it is very different from a dealership, where many have traditionally gotten their cars.

“Thus far, Carvana notes increased sales in markets with vending machines.” Only time will tell if we see even more of this car vending machine model throughout the country as other manufacturers come up with a similar concept. If you have any questions or concerns about your area vending machines, then get in touch with Maryland Vending and let us know what we can do to make your on-the-go meal experience even better.


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