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Maryland Vending cares about the health and wellness of those we serve!

In response to this concern, we have created a Health and Wellness vending program that can be fully implemented for your account.  We suggest and encourage the use of this program in full or just components to all those we serve – big account or small account.

This Fit Pick program follows the guidelines created by the recent health care law, and guidelines passed by the National Automated Merchandiser Association (NAMA), and is based on recommendations by:

Fit Pick products are lower in fat and sugar.  There are two different levels of criteria.  The most commonly selected criteria for adults is (35-10-35) which means no more than:

  • 35% of total calories from fat
  • 10% of calories from saturated fat
  • 35% of total product weight from sugar (nuts and seed excluded)

Maryland Vending listens to the thoughts and concerns of all our clients – so whether you work towards lower calories, lower carbs, or lower fat in your diet we hear you. We have just the snack vending machine items that will tickle your taste buds but not your waistline. We’ve even heard that healthier lifestyle choices made at work could mean lower insurance premiums – – that a win-win solution that involves more than just your appetite. Yes, we offer the traditional snack machine foods and cold beverages but we also offer numerous 100 calorie or less snacks, soups and salads and more. Don’t just settle for what you have always had in your vending machine! Make the change – Maryland Vending – your new vending service company! Contact us or call 443-691-9001.