A Full-Service Vending Company serving Maryland, Northern Virginia and DC.

Maryland Vending cherishes our environment and the world in which we all work and live!

With this thought in mind, each and everyday we evaluate how we are doing things and what impact these activities have on our beautiful planet.  We implemented environmentally friendly practices to the way we do things in both our route and office operations.  Look closely at how we do things and you will discover…

  1. Products:  We give priority to food and drink products that we buy that are made from environmentally friendly processes.  (Ex. SunChips are made at an entirely green plant and its bags are biodegradable.  Coke plastic 20 oz. bottles are fully green friendly.)
  2. Resources:  The effect that our equipment has on natural resourses
  3. Community –Reducing our carbon footprint by
  • Recycling ALL our cardboard
  • Tightening our driving area so our route drivers can reduce gas consumption
  • Installing Vending Misers (energy savers) in many machines to reduce electric consumption.

Our drivers know these roads like the back of their hands.

We know our routes inside and out – whether we are serving your vending service needs in the remotest part of the state or the most urban, Maryland Vending is here to serve you. Our fleet is equipped with EZ pass to ensure speedy delivery and enable us to be kinder to the environment – by reducing miles we drive every day. Maryland Vending is ready to make a difference to your “environment.”  Call us today at (443) 691-9001 or contact us.

The Maryland Vending Green Initiative is our commitment to helping improve the environment, while still providing excellent Maryland Vending Service, Northern Virginia Vending Service, and Washington DC Vending Service.

Maryland Vending cares for your health – both inside with the healthy snacks we offer you to eat and out with the cleaner air that you breathe with less carbon emmisions from our smart planned routes.

Ready for a company that will provide for all your vending service needs from coffee service, water coolers, cold beverage vending service, traditional snack machine favories and healthy snacks but still care for our planet?

Don’t wait to contact or call Maryland Vending today at 443-691-9001.